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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Roses are Pink...Or Should They Be Dusty Pink?

I've been happily working on my E&E&F Pink Hare Sampler. Almost finished BUT the ribbon roses have been giving me fits! First there weren't any instructions included to stitch the ribbon roses...but I found a couple a helpful demos on u-tube. Cool! Piece of cake! However, choosing the ribbon color has been very challenging. Searched all over the place online looking for the right shade of pink and just couldn't decide, it's so hard judging color online. Happened to stop into Hobby Lobby and lo and behold they had two shades of pink ribbon and I bought them both.

I chose the lighter pink ribbon to actually stitch the roses, but now I'm second guessing myself. I really hate it when I am not satisfied with my color choices. Switching colors is not my forte even though I like to do it on occassion. So I've decided to frog the smallest rose and restitch with the darker pink ribbon (shown in the picture). Then, I'll decide which pink I like best. Here's a pic of my sampler with the stitched light pink roses. Note: the ribbon in the upper right corner is the darker shade of pink.'s a closer look. The ribbon roses are so pretty. It was fun watching them grow. If you haven't ever stitched a ribbon rose, give it a try, they are such pretty little accents.

Watch for more hare-y drama. I'll post a picture with the roses in both pinks and I'll be asking for opinions.

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Julianne said...


You did a great job on your ribbon roses! That's super that You Tube had some demos of them. I learn best by watching others. I look forward to seeing the other shade of pink and helping you choose. it looks great!

I hope you got my e-mail. Enjoy the rest of your week.

Pat said...

How pretty Robin. Hard decisions to make on the ribbon. Both look nice. Nice job on the little roses.

Deb said...

Those roses are really pretty! Thank goodness for YouTube, right? You can learn so many things. It's too bad that they didn't include directions with the pattern though. But you did a wonderful job stitching them!

Faye said...

Hello Robin!~~~ I found your blog today and I guess its because I have been stitching a ton of bird designs lately and your name is Robin!~lol...Love your blog and I also really like E&E%F....This pink bunny piece is adorable!~!