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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Pink Hare Progress

Hi all..

I've been stitching this week on "Pink Hare Sampler", a Ewe & Eye & Friends pattern. It has been way to long since I stitched one of their designs. Love the soft colors and that it has eyelet, smryna cross and rhodes stitches in addition to cross stitches. I chose a 35 ct. Hand Dyed Fibers linen in a very pale pinkish shade (very near DMC 819 but with a delicate blush of tan) to stitch it on and I must say I am pleased with my choice for a change. Here are a couple of pics:

I did start the "Leaping Cat Sampler" by La-D-Da, but I'm not happy with it. At first I thought I was unhappy with the linen color but then I realized it was the stitch count. I saw it stitched and finished for the first time at a needlework shop and it was stitched over one and I loved it that way. I guess in mind's eye that is the way I want to stitch it, small and sweet. So why did I chose to stitch it on 36 ct over two? Brain warp/fart/senility??? Big sigh! So back to the fabby stash I go to look for an appropriate fabric to stitch it over one. Also, kitted up and ready to be born is With Thy Needle & Thread's bunny pattern, "Hoppin' Along Sampler". Can't wait to get hoppin' on it!  

Valentine's Day just happened to be my lucky day...I won a giveaway from one of my favorite people, Pat. She's a quilter and she made this beautiful carry-all bag using a method called shadow quilting. It was one of several of her Valentine's Giveaway gifts. On her blog, Quilting can Be Fun, Pat shares step-by-step instructions for all kinds of quilting type projects. The first picture is the bag that I won and the second picture is a close-up of the shadow quilting.  

And take a look at the inside...nice big velcroed pockets for little stuffs. Perfect for storing my stitchy projects and tools!

Pat also sent along a sweet notebook with birds on the cover. She said she tried to find one with robins but bluebirds is what she found..and I love it! I'm going to use it keep all my stitching related ideas, plans, wish-lists, etc. It'll be nice to have it all in one place instead of a note here and a note there.

Well, that's my post and I'm stickin' to it. Thanks for taking time to stop by my little corner of the world. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

I'm sending wishes that you are doing something you love today, be it spending time with loved ones, stitching something you love, or just thinking pleasant thoughts.

My hubby made me the most wonderful breakfast much better than a box of chocolates! We watched a movie together and now I'm fondling my...stash. You do know that I'm talking about my stitchy stash, right?

Didn't finish a thing Valentine's related this year. So I'm ejoying a couple of my Valentine's Day finishes and an exchange gift from a few years ago. The heart shaped needlebook and scissor fob are from Cherished Stitches, "Flowers from the Heart". The biscornu was a birthday exchange gift. I believe it is an Indigo Rose freebie. The picture colors are off, in person they are lighter and brighter.

I decided to kit up two, no, make that three projects; two that I've been wanting to stitch for what seems like eons, and one of my recent acquistions. Here's the line-up: "Pink Hare Sampler" from Ewe & Eye & Friends, "Hoppin' Along Sampler" from With Thy Needle & Thread (both Eastery) and "Leaping Cat" a La-D-Da sampler.

I'm pulling threads and fabric and plan to be stitching shortly and on into the evening. I'll post progress pictures very soon.

Thanks for stopping by. {{{{{{Valentine's Hugs & Kisses}}}}}} Pass it foward!