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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Pink Hare Progress

Hi all..

I've been stitching this week on "Pink Hare Sampler", a Ewe & Eye & Friends pattern. It has been way to long since I stitched one of their designs. Love the soft colors and that it has eyelet, smryna cross and rhodes stitches in addition to cross stitches. I chose a 35 ct. Hand Dyed Fibers linen in a very pale pinkish shade (very near DMC 819 but with a delicate blush of tan) to stitch it on and I must say I am pleased with my choice for a change. Here are a couple of pics:

I did start the "Leaping Cat Sampler" by La-D-Da, but I'm not happy with it. At first I thought I was unhappy with the linen color but then I realized it was the stitch count. I saw it stitched and finished for the first time at a needlework shop and it was stitched over one and I loved it that way. I guess in mind's eye that is the way I want to stitch it, small and sweet. So why did I chose to stitch it on 36 ct over two? Brain warp/fart/senility??? Big sigh! So back to the fabby stash I go to look for an appropriate fabric to stitch it over one. Also, kitted up and ready to be born is With Thy Needle & Thread's bunny pattern, "Hoppin' Along Sampler". Can't wait to get hoppin' on it!  

Valentine's Day just happened to be my lucky day...I won a giveaway from one of my favorite people, Pat. She's a quilter and she made this beautiful carry-all bag using a method called shadow quilting. It was one of several of her Valentine's Giveaway gifts. On her blog, Quilting can Be Fun, Pat shares step-by-step instructions for all kinds of quilting type projects. The first picture is the bag that I won and the second picture is a close-up of the shadow quilting.  

And take a look at the inside...nice big velcroed pockets for little stuffs. Perfect for storing my stitchy projects and tools!

Pat also sent along a sweet notebook with birds on the cover. She said she tried to find one with robins but bluebirds is what she found..and I love it! I'm going to use it keep all my stitching related ideas, plans, wish-lists, etc. It'll be nice to have it all in one place instead of a note here and a note there.

Well, that's my post and I'm stickin' to it. Thanks for taking time to stop by my little corner of the world. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Pat said...

Robin, your sampler is just so beautiful.You are so careful and neat with your cross stitch. I love the heart buttons. They look like pearl buttons. Your work is breathtaking; and I can see why you have won awards and prizes. You're such a wonderful and sincere person, and a whole lot of fun! You're #1 in my books. I really like your blog a lot.It is so interesting with a nice variety.

Deb said...

I think that your sampler is beautiful - EEF has some beautiful designs that I think people forget because they've been around for a while! And that Leaping Cat Sampler - did you see that stitched over one at Stitches N Things? They did theirs on 40 count gauze and I was so impressed with it that I bought the pattern and the gauze, but I haven't started it yet! I think the design looks really fantastic on the smaller fabric.

Anonymous said...

Robin, I love your Pink Hare Sampler. It looks so sweet!

Julianne said...

Hello Robin,

Your sampler looks so pretty.

I has asked you to e-mail me on another post. I have a question about your HSE snowman sampler. luvstitchingatsbcglobaldotnet

Thanks so much.