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Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Postman Came and I Received, Oh My!

Looky, looky what I received in the mail this week! Two packages from Stitches N' Things (market and pre-market orders), Stitching Bits and Bobs, and 123 Stitch (both market orders). Yay for me!

In no particular order, except I'm saving my very favorite until last. (Don't peak!) First up are the new Prairie Schoolers. There's a little robin design in Signs of Spring that is a must stitch for me because I collect robins!

From The Drawn Thread, one of my long-time favorites, Small Seasons. I see it as a pinkeep or needlebook.

Next up, Lizzie Kate. I love her series designs. I stitched her Boo! Club and ABC Lessons last year and love how they turned out. The little Easter Quick-it needs to be one of my smalls finishes this year!

New overdyed flossies from WDW, Crescent, and Olde Willow. More Floss-a-way bags for storing my fibers. Cuts of Antique White and Country Cream Befast linen. And the Hillier scissors that I have been coveting for awhile and a pair of Little Gems in the Prim color (flat black). Very cool!! 

Okay, now it is time to share my very favorite new stash. The one that has me drooling. The one that I oohed and aahed over while I looked through the pages. The one that is absolutely breathtaking. The one that will make me go mad trying to decide what to stitch first.

Without further is my favorite, the beautiful and wonderful... 

Honeysuckle Manor!

Have you seen this book? It is absolutely drop-dead gorgeous. A feast for the eyes and so creative, each and every design. If you love Blackbird Designs, heck even if you don't, you'll love this book. Well worth the price! I also received Thankful November, the November stocking book (loved the stocking on the cover and the other two included aren't too shabby either!) and Bluebird (yeah, I love that one too!). Blackbird designs just keep getting better and better!!

Here's a couple of snaps of the designs in Honeysuckle manor that my fingers are itching to start.

Margaret Harris

Honeysuckle Pin Box

A Ticket A Tasket

A Stitcher's Companion

Pin and Needle Cupcakes.
(Sorry for the sideways picture, that's how it imported from Picasa and I couldn't figure out how to right it. If anyone knows, I'd appreciate the advice.)

See what I mean, simply gorgeous designs! Now those of you that are Blackbird followers are probably thinking, "If Robin loves Blackbird Designs so much, why didn't she get the other new Blackbird designs too?" Excellent question! In fact, Robin,, did order them and they are coming as soon as they come in.

Don't you love it when shops mail partial orders and don't make you wait weeks and weeks until something else that you ordered comes in? I have found one mail order shop, in particular, that does this as a standard business practice. Don't know about you but I find that impressive! I know that it costs more to ship orders separately but if it is going to take, say more than a week to get the rest of the order, I would like to be asked if I'll pay the extra shipping. Since I don't have a LNS, when I order stash and a week goes by, I feel kind of like a junky waiting for my fix. It's kind of pathetic and undignified for a women of my age!

Oh, I can't forget to share the freebies that I received with my orders: freebie charts from DoOp Designs, Val's Stuff, Lilybet and two from Workbasket. Stitches N' Things included a free grab bag in my order and it included a large cut of 29 ct. Cottonfields Glenshee linen. I've heard good things about Glenshee linen and I'm looking forward to trying it out.

I wish every week could be like this! And I wish money grew on trees cause that would need to happen if the other were to come true. LOL!

Well kids, thats enough of my meanderings for this afternoon. I've got laundry and vacuuming to finish cause the cats refuse to do it. Lazy furbabies that they are! Hope to get a little stitch a** action in this evening. 

Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the world today.     


Faye said...

I have Honeysuckle Manor on the way and cannot wait!!You made quite a haul young lady!!! Nice! Faye

Unknown said...

I have it on the way too once my LNS gets it in oh I can't wait either!! thanks for sharing some of the pictures from it!

Deb said...

There is nothing better than seeing that mailman loaded down with packages on your doorstep! What a great stash haul. I couldn't wait for mail - I drove to Stitches N Things so that I could touch and feel. That Honeysuckle Manor is the greatest book. I don't there think there is one thing in that book that I don't like. You're going to have some great stitching projects!!!

Anonymous said...

WOW!! Robin, you got some great stash. and Honeysuckle Manor is one on my WANT list also. I am going to just have to break down and buy it this week :-)

Deb said...

Glad you liked your 'gifties' .. thanks for the kind words! Deb - SNT

Pat said...

Looks like a lot of nice little goodies. Robin. All of that will sure keep you busy for awhile, I'am sure.