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Sunday, March 6, 2011


Wow, has it only been a month since last TUSAL? I know that I am a couple of days late posting this month but it has been a little crazy around here.

A couple of weekends ago, my sister and I went to see Rick Springfield in concert at the Motor City Casino in Detroit. (Very cool casino and the the concert was great too!) We decided to make a day of it so my sister could attend his book signing in the afternoon. (BTW, we did meet him and she did get her book signed.) 

On the way to Detroit, we stopped at a couple antique/second hand stores and I found a few treasures. One of which is the beautiful drawn thread piece in my TUSAL picture above. Does anyone know if there is a more specific name for this style of needlework? Isn't it breathtaking? I couldn't believe that it was only a $2. Other than a couple of small discolorations, it is perfect. I absolutely love it! Here is a closer look at the detail:


I also found a hankerchief with delicate drawn thread work. Again, it was another steal. I also picked up two small oil cans (forget to include them in the pictures) to use on a couple of With Thy Needle and Thread finishes. 

I have a little bit of stitching progress to report, although my new job and the flu have definitely taken their toll on my time and energy. In the picture above, you can see my St. Patrick's design, tentatively titled, "Shamrock Reel". I plan to finish it as a small box cover similar to the Valentine box that I designed and finished last month. In the scroll frame is "Easter Frills" by With My Needle and Thread.

I also started the "Leaping Cat" sampler from La-D-Da in February. I'm using a piece of 36 ct. linen from Hand Dyed Fibers. I saw it and fell in love with it stitched on 40ct gauze but I chickened out and chose linen instead. 

I started a new job towards the end of February and came down with the respiratory type flu last weekend so I haven't had the energy to even sign on to my computer lately. I can't wait to get back to visiting around blogland and see what everyone is up to. And I am impatiently waiting for my first paycheck so I can do some market stash enhancement with a free heart. A week and a half to go! Woohoo!

So that about wraps it up for the happenings in my little world over the last few weeks.  I do need to mention my sorrow at learning of Lisa Roswell's passing this last week. To say that I am saddened and shocked is an understatement. How tragic. My heart and prayers go out to her family. She will be missed by so many. 


Sweet Sue said...

Rick, siiiiiiiigh... saw him in concert when he was Dr Noah Drake way back when, those parachute pants with all the zippers, I'm just sayin ~ swoon ~ :)

gracie said...

The piece you have is cutwork I believe...and beautiful. Love your WIP's....

Teresa said...

What wonderful finds!!! Makes me want to go look for some fun stuff myself.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

Carol said...

Gorgeous finds at the antique store, Robin! I'm always in awe at such delicate work...

And what a cute new WIP. I hope you're enjoying your new job and that you're feeling 100% very soon!

Erica said...

Love your wips!
I have Leaping Cat in my stash waiting for me!
I only hope I live long enough to make a serious dent in my stash! LOL

Brigitte said...

the two pieces that you found look gorgeous. I have no idea what this kind of drawn thread work is called but I can imagine that it has a name.
I love your La-D-Da WIp.

Daffycat said...

Actually, it's TUSAL ~ no N in there!

A great ORT report!

Lynn said...

You have some beautiful finds from your roadtrip. That stitching is gorgeous! Do you mind if I ask which shops you visited? I travel to Windsor to visit family often.
I have never seen this particular La D Da design and I love it!!

Siobhán said...

Ah, Rick Springfield!! I remember him from his GH days. My daughter still watches GH--thank goodness for You Tube!--and now swoons over his 'son'.

Wonderful finds! I love your stitching WIP, too.

Cindy said...

Very cool that you got to see Rick :) You had some great finds!

Meari said...

Congrats on the new job, and your finishes. Sorry to hear you've been sick, though. The table runner is beautiful - kinda sad that all the work went into it and only sold for $2. Ah well, at least it has a good home now. :)

Barb said...

Hope you are feeling better by now. Sounds like fun going to a Rick Springfield Concert. By the way I enjoyed your blog and put it in my blogroll. This was first time I saw it. I'm in MI too only on W. side of state.