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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Is it cold enough for you?

This has been the popular conversation starter around these parts over the last few days. And yes, as a matter of fact it is cold enough for me! And my little Zoe agrees! We're both waiting for spring!

In the meantime, I stitch.

My New Year's Day start was Lizzie Kate's "Winter Alphabet." I finished it on the 16th so it is my official first finish of 2012! I enjoyed stitching this one so much: the colorful threads, the pretty little borders, and the sweet little motifs scattered among the letters. I made a game of strategizing what to stitch next to avoid changing colors until I had to at the risk of miscounting. It's stitched on 32 ct Natural Light linen with DMC and overdyed threads. (The colors are so much prettier and bighter than in this rather drab picture.)

 "Winter Alphabet" ~ Lizzie Kate

After finishing "Winter Alphabet", I pulled out "Meg's Bunny", a small sampler from Sheepish Designs. I'm using a piece of 36 ct cream linen that I vetoed from another project, hence the dark line of stitches along the top scroll. I'll frog those old stitches as I need more room.

"Meg's Bunny" ~ Sheepish Designs

Here's a peak at my work project, the project I take to work and stitch on during my lunch and breaks. It is my variation of With Thy Needle and Thread's "Needles and Pins Heart Pinkeep".

"Needles and Pins Heart Pinkeep" ~ With Thy Needle and Thread

I love this design and envisioned it with more of a Valentine theme so I switched the colors and instead of a bluebird and blue flowers, I'm stitching a cardinal and pink flowers. Easy peasy! I don't plan to stitch the scalloped border, I'll either edge it with lace or chenille trim.

My oldest cat, Sophie, pictured below, is annoyed and impatiently waitng for my undivided attention ("Why are you clackity clacking on that contraption when you could be adoring me?"), so I had better wrap this up and give Her Majesty a kitty massage before she starts her caterwalling.  

Thanks for stopping by!
Stay warm! 
And enjoy your day!  


Catherine said...

Lovely stitches and such cute kitties!

Faye said...

Love your stitching...I stitched Megs Bunny years ago and it still is one of my favorites!! Nice starts...Take care, Faye

Ranae said...

Pretty LK finish, love the colors
I am stitching the pin keep too, but I think I like your cardinal better then my blue bird, oh well, I guess I will have to stitch it again, darn it!! lol

Chris said...

Greta to see an update from you Robin!
Your stitching is beautiful. I love the Lizzie Kate finish and your work project.
The cats look fat and happy.

Myra said...

Your winter alphabet looks great! I really like the changes you made to the Heart pinkeep - of course I AM a bit partial to those cardinals. :o)

Karen said...

I love how you're doing the pin keep in the red and pink, it's going to be beautiful! Your cats are adorable, too!

valerie said...

Great stitching! Love your Winter Alphabet looks like a fun stitch! And the changes to Heart pinkeep are fabulous. I like the softness for Valentine's Day. Cute kitties!

Siobhán said...

Sophie reminds me a bit of my beloved Ginger June, who waits for me at the Rainbow Bridge. Give her a cuddle for me! Your finish is beautiful! Love the WTN&T design, too.

Brigitte said...

Winter Alphabet looks gorgeous. Congratulations on a great finish. Your new project is just as nice. I stitched it some years ago and changed the name for my daughter's name. It was such a fun stitch.

Meari said...

Your projects look great, Robin. I like how you converted the bluebird to a cardinal. Your kitties are adorable. I just want to reach out and pet them!