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Thursday, October 14, 2010

And We Have a Win-na!

Thank you to each and every one of you that left comments on my last posting. I find it gratifying to know someone is interested in my projects and cares enough to leave a message. It reaffirms why I need to be more diligent about leaving comments on other means so much to the receiver. Don't you agree?

Before I get to the main topic of tonight's post, here's a pic of the little pumpkin pincushions that I put together this past weekend. I finally got around to using some of the crushed walnut shells that I purchased this past summer. I've got to make more of these, they are ADDICTING! You wouldn't believe the mess I made in my craft room/studio/office as I dug through boxes and drawers to fine all the components. Oh, what fun I had!

And now for what many of you are waiting to read...the list of candidates has been tabulated, the winner's name selected by my DH...........BUT before I reveal the winner of Jenny Bean's Halloween Sampler chart and leftover threads, let's review the selection process, shall we?

First, I listed the names of everyone that left a comment and stated they wanted to be apart of the drawing.

Next, I cut the names apart.

Then I carefully folded each name and placed the little pieces of paper into my trusty candy corn tin (from JoAnn's). And my DH had the honor of selecting a name from the ever-so-cute tin. And the winner of Jenny Bean's Halloween Sampler chart and leftover threads is...............


CONGRATULATIONS, BERIT! I hope you enjoy stitching the sampler even more than I did! 
Please email your snail mail address to me and I'll send Jenny Bean off to you ASAP!

Thanks again to all that left comments. And to all that took time to just drop by for a visit. I'm glad that you stopped by my little corner of the world today! Hope your stitching adventures are always happy!


Unknown said...

Congrats to Berit!

Your pumpkins are so cute! Do you use a tutorial or just "make it up as you go along"? I love that they're different shapes, just like the real thing.

valerie said...

Congrats to Berit!

OMGosh, those pumpkin pincushions are so cute! Great job!

Julianne said...


Thanks so much for your e-mail.

Congratulations to Berit! It's her lucky day :)

I just love your fabric pumpkins. That fabric is so perfect for them. I'm glad you had fun making them.

I really enjoy your blog. Thanks so much for sharing your talent and I always love your pictures.

Berit said...

I still can't believe I actually won! :D

Give DH a kiss from me! ;)

I have replied by email with my snail mail address; please let me know if you didn't receive it.

Your pumpkins are simply darling; every time I work with crushed walnut shells I think "Gee, idk how this is going/will turn out..." but the results are always addictive!

I love that feeling of excitement you get tearing though the stash to get to that perfect thing for what you're working on!

Anonymous said...

Love your pumpkins! Did you use a tutorial online? They look fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Those pumpkins are ADORABLE!!!!! and yes,making them is VERY ADDICTING!!!
thanks for entering my pumpkin giveaway also.....winner posted later today.
good luck!

Pat said...

Congrats to the winner. Love those pumpkins. They're so cute.
Happy Qulting!

Siobhán said...

Congrats to Berit!

I just LOVE those pumpkins!! Super cute!

Jan said...

Congratulations, Berit!! Great job on the win!!!

Robin, I love, LOVE those pumpkins, what a great job that you did!

Deb said...

Oh my goodness, do I just love your pumpkins! They look so real!

Karin said...

What a lovely giveaway - congrats to Berit! Your pumpkins are adorable.

Sisters Attic said...

Your pumpkins are the cutest. Would you please share directions on how to make them? Thanks so much for sharing them!