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Friday, December 11, 2009

O Christmas Tree...How Lovely Are Your Branches

Our Christmas Tree is up. It's decorated. Let the festivities begin!

Actually, the tree has been up since the day after Thankgiving. The garland, beads and ornaments followed soon after, but I added the icicles this week. We think we liked the tree better without the icicles!
Around the lowest branches, I hang stockings for each of the cats that my husband and I have had since we've been married. Each of the nine stockings have a special name that we hold in our hearts. Here's a pic of the stockings for the four cats we have now.

"The kittie's stockings were hung on the lowest branches with care,
in hope that the kitties would leave them right there.
So far so good, the stockings are still on the tree.
Hope they're still there for St Nick to see."
Yea, I know, I'm clearly not a poet! But a girl can try to entertain herself, can't she? (I'm sorry that you had to be a witness.)
I've learned not to hang dangling types of ornaments (or icicles) at the bottom of the tree, because the cats think that anything hanging on the tree is fair game. The only way that I can keep the little stockings on the tree is by using twist ties to wire them on. I do have to adjust them every now and then but luckily the cats don't seem to bother the tree like they used to.
Hope you are enjoying the holiday festivities!

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Barbi said...

Oh what a beautiful tree. And your poetry is perfectly fine :)